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What does it take to be operate a ECST franchise?

How long does to take open a location?

Typically it takes 12-24 months to open a new location. This includes site selection, build-out, and pre-opening training.

What is the average investment required?

The average investment is $470k-$990k for a typical build-out. The average franchisee has a minimum net worth of $250k, with a minimum of $150k in available capital.

What locations are ideal for an ECST franchise to open in?

We find that locations that have high foot and vehicle traffic are the most successful. Our restaurants are typically found within areas with other businesses while maintaining strong visibility or as a standalone location. Our locations are typically located in cities or communities located close to a major city.

What type of support do you provide franchisees?

We provide complete support for our franchisees from the day they submit an application through our entire relationship. Our team provides site selection support, operational support, training, and ongoing marketing development.